Imagine Your Gift Becoming a Legacy.

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With the common ground of our shared Catholic faith and values, the Catholic Community Foundation helps you make a meaningful, lasting charitable impact for our Church and its ministries. Together, we transform your gifts into charitable legacies that perpetuate your values and support the spiritual, social and educational needs of our Catholic community for years to come.

Through careful planning, thoughtful listening and diligent service, we focus on carrying out your charitable intentions. This has earned us the trust of generations of Catholics and the institutions in which we worship, learn, serve and support. We invest your gifts according to Catholic social and moral principles, and help them grow to provide long-term support to parishes, schools and other Catholic institutions. This unique role has made us a highly trusted and valued resource for our Catholic community.

We provide a variety of charitable planning tools that allow you to make a difference today, tomorrow and forever:

Endowments ensure that the principal of your gift remains intact forever, while serving as an ongoing source of financial support for charities or institutions close to your heart.

Donor Advised Funds make charitable giving more efficient and increase the impact of your philanthropy.

Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts allow you to make a gift today, receive payments throughout your life, and direct the remainder to your parish or other Catholic institution.

Institutional Funds such as Endowments and Agency Funds are long-term investment funds that provide a sustainable source of income for Catholic parishes, schools and institutions.

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